FOUR HANDS Massage In motor city Dubai

Duration: 1 hour

Welcome to your ultimate Dubai massage fantasy made real! We are professional massage therapists specially trained , we Provide Four Hands Massage, and more..., A Four Hand Massage in Dubai is one which involves 2 massage therapists working on one body.

Four Hands Massage 4 hands massage (sometimes referred to as 20 fingers massage), is when two specialists work together on your body at the same time, while one masseuse works on your back for example, another might work on your buttocks – another example would be where both young women are working on a leg each, mimicking one another's actions and techniques. The type of the massage will vary, depending of the core massage type you have chosen, but imagine the scenarios: Try and imagine 20 fingers, 2 bodies and 4 pert breasts sliding over your skin and working their magic! Try to imagine watching two young women work! - it is an experience far greater than the sum of the total! 4 hands massage is the most absorbing and sensational experience we girls at Asian Oriental Massage have to offer you. In conclusion, we firmly believe that our massage techniques, as well as providing relief from muscular aches and pains, will also allow your body and spirit to reconnect.

Both therapists traditionally work harmoniously,relaxing when performed with 4 hands Massage can be performed on your back, stomach and shoulders simultaneously.

This exotic pleasure cannot be compared with anything else!